Raid 4×4 in the Morocco desert !

From the mountains of the High Atlas to the majestic Sahara desert

You want to live an amazing and unique experience in southern Morocco , discover exclusive tracks where you are with your partner , master of your adventure?

You want to do this in conditions comfort and well-being ? Then this is for you !

Since 2008 we organize and coordinate trips in southern Morocco and especially in the Ouarzazate region . With this experience , our team , we imagined your ideal trip.

We have created a concept blending the 4×4 driving on Technical and dusty tracks and places of meal and rest in the nicest places of the South of Morocco .

Let us introduce you to this beautiful adventure in which we invite you.

Welcome to Ouarzazate.


Combine Adventure, Discovery and Well-being

  • For your convenience, we have opted for a limited number of 6 vehicles.
  • Together with your partner you’ll take part in a 4-day adventure while being able to drive autonomously.
  • Your 4×4 vehicle is equipped with the Tripy system, which allows for precise and safe navigation, even in the desert.
  • In the mornings, one vehicle will depart individually every 4 minutes.
  • As promised, you’ll be experiencing this trip in pairs.